We encounter many federal employees doubting if they should, or even can, enroll in the Medicare program. Will you lose your Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) if you enroll in Medicare? Do you really need Medicare if you have FEHB? Let us put your mind at ease. Even as a federal employee you are still eligible to enroll in the Medicare program…and we highly recommend that you do! There are still some decisions you need
We are more than just your go-to place for complex Medicare answers – we’re also a great resource for the little things. Sometimes the simplest gestures can make life easier and that’s what we like to do for our clients. So, we’ve rounded up the phone numbers and websites of 6 important places and put it in a printable for you to keep next to your phone or posted somewhere else helpful. Click the image
Medicare is intricate, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you are new to Medicare, preparing to retire, or about to turn 65, you have several important decisions to make soon. We are here to make those choices clearer. We’ve outlined a checklist (with a timeline) for enrolling in Medicare and avoiding any late penalties or gaps in coverage. Get My Checklist*There are outbound links on this page6-9 MONTHS BEFORE YOU TURN 65:[  ]  Understand
The sign up for Medicare can be anxiety-inducing and confusing. Many people feel like the system is actively working against them just to get more money. To make sure you’re getting the coverage you need to be a healthy, functioning person while not shoveling piles of money into the healthcare furnace, we encourage you to make a few important considerations:When should you sign up?First and foremost, you’ll need to know when and how you’re dealing
Managing your Rheumatoid Arthritis within the Medicare system can seem complicated and worrisome. Medicine costs and treatment plans are expensive and can change based on the progression of your disease. Instead of spending your time worrying about Medicare, we want to help you find the freedom to just focus on your health. Let us show you why taking a second glance at your Medicare plan could be beneficial in reducing the costs associated with your
We hope you never have to, but in the event that you would like to file a complaint about HIPPA noncompliance, CMS just released this great infographic with step-by-step instructions. Click the image below to open it in a new window for you to download the file in PDF format. Sources:CMS
Unfortunately, there are a lot of Medicare myths and misconceptions floating around out there. It’s important to start educating yourself early so you can make the best choices for your health coverage without any penalties or gaps in coverage.Medicare Myths: #1I will be automatically enrolled in Medicare when I turn 65.Truth: Most people turning 65 will not automatically be enrolled in Medicare. Only those already collecting some form of Social Security (either retirement or disability
What’s the key to a happy retirement? Financial planning is obviously an important factor; however, experts are saying psychological planning is a missing ingredient to successful retirement planning. In fact, according to one study, there is as much as a 40% chance that retirees will suffer from anxiety and depression after retirement. Fortunately, there are simple ways you can fight these symptoms. Below are tips we’ve found from experts that may help you.Medicare Coverage We